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Pepper with a drunk Zoe.jpg

Okay, you LPS fans out there know Zoe Trent right? Well she got Drunk in this story I personally made (There is some Language, Activity, and Drug Use that follows this story, making this story rated T)

[Our story starts with Blythe coming to see the Pets]

Blythe: Hi guys!

Pets: Hey Blythe!

[Zoe then wakes up from her Mid-Morning Nap]

Pepper: Wake up sleepyhead!

[Zoe yawned, then looked up at Pepper]

Pepper: (Falls over) Ow! Son of a B****!

Blythe: Pepper, Language!

Pepper: Sorry Blythe!

[Zoe then seen that her hair was messed up, she gasped]

Pepper: Oh no, Zoe, don't say it!

Zoe: F***!

Zoe: Oh my God, my hairs a mess, what shall I do!?

Pepper: So, who cares?

Zoe: I care!

Pepper: But-

Zoe: I CARE!

[Zoe then left Pepper behind with her sputtering]

Sunil: Wow, Zoe's in a bad mood today

Vinnie: Yeah, what will we do?

Narrator: Why don't you guys try the easy way

Russell: Shut up Narrator!

Narrator: I'm just saying, if Zoe is in a bad mood, go talk to her!

Russell: Just get out of here you unseen son of a B****! (Groan)

Sunil: Okay, something's wrong with Russell too!

Vinnie: That B****!

[Sunil glares at his bro]

Vinnie: Oops, sorry bro!

[Zoe is seen sleeping with the other Pets, she was tossing and turning as Pepper groaned and groaned]

Pepper: Zoe, quite!

Zoe: I-I'm sorry Pepper, i-it's not your fault! (Weeping softly)

[Then a Greenish-looking Bottle cot Zoe's eye, it said in big letters SAMEUL ADAMS ALCOHOLIC DRINK on it, Zoe gasped]

Pepper: (Groan) What know Zoe?

Zoe: Look!

[Pepper then seen the Bottle, and gasped loudly]

Pepper: Zoe, I don't think you need to be drinking-

Zoe: Pepper, my dear, it looks AMAZING! Please!

Pepper: Alright Zoe, but I'm warning you!

[Zoe smiled and Pepper went back to sleep, Zoe got up from her Bed at Midnight and drank the Alcoholic Drink, she drank it all at once, she then got tipsy and fell on the Floor]

[The next Morning, Zoe woke up walking oddly, Blythe and the Pets were very confused]

Blythe: Uh Zoe, what's up today?

[Pepper shrugged acting like she didn't know, Zoe walked up to Blythe, poking her Stomach]

Zoe: Oh Blythy Withy, I think you know Fashion dont'ca?

Blythe: Um, yeah!

Zoe: Oh, Heh-heh, I'm really not sure about that! (Falls on the Floor)

Russell: Um, we're going to have to take her upstairs

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