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Tori is a fox owned by Jasper,and like her owner has a knack for tech.She is cool,calm and very smart.

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Appearance Edit

She has blue eyes,purple hair and a bushy tail.She normally wears a blue collar with a silver heart shaped tag.

Personality Edit

Tori is very smart,and can solve the hardest sum in 8 seconds.She is calm and ma ture,but has a competitive streak.Unlike her older brother,she is very kind.She has a emotional attachment to her hand held computer which she (like most foxes)keeps in her tail,and is fluent in french,spanish and latin. But with the good comes the bad,she has a cocky side and a hot temper,and can be stubborn and sarcastic.

Talent Edit

She has a knack for tech and is able to invent and fix things.She is also good with filming and editing,and shares a youtube account with her owner,often starring(along side her brothers)in Jasper's videos.

Tori's first appearance

Relationships Edit

Vinnie Edit

Despite being very different,she has a brotherly sisterly relationship with the gecko.

Family Edit

She loves her brothers,but is overprotective of her baby brother,Fred(who's really smart too)and she thinks her older brother,Tom,is a jerk but cares about him too.She is loyal,caring and obedient to her owner,Jasper,and misses her dead parents.

Russell Edit

Like her and Vinnie,she has a sibling like relationship with Russell,but it's more of a sibling rivalry than friendship.They care for each othe r,but are both too stubborn to admit it.

Trivia Edit

She was first going to have pink markings,be McKenna's pet,and be called Amore.