Sunil: Hey guys did you get the news?

Russell: huh?

Zoe: What's wrong?

Sunil: Vinnie is sick with Tricky Trinomial! (laughs) Oh come on guys. It's so funny.

Russell: What? Did you just say tricky oatmeal?

Sunil: (laughs) What? Did you just say tricky oatmeal?

Zoe: What is so funny that I don't get?

Sunil: Oh come on Zoe.

Zoe; Boys, what is tricky oatmeal.

Sunil: Okay I don't know what that is.

Russell: It when the oatmeal doesn't stay on the spoon. If falls off!

Zoe: huh?

Sunil: Never mind. So tricky trinomial is part of factoring. You get sick after you do too much factoring.

Zoe: My mind is now exploding.

Russell: Well ares aren't.

Sunil: We get the joke.

Zoe: You guys are so weird. I can't believe I hang out with 3 boys.

Sunil: Look it that or talk about girl stuff.

Zoe: Yeah you guy are way cooler. Don't tell Penny that.

Russell: Don't worry Zoe. We're not telling Penny this at all.

Sunil: Because she will cry. Well....tricky trionmial. Oh it's still funny.

Russell: You really need to stop now.

Sunil: Come on. I totally get it.

Russell: So did I, but now it's boring.

Sunil: Okay I'll stop. I need to find a cure of tricky trinomial.

Zoe: That's not a disease Sunil.

Russell: Okay the vending machine?

Zoe; Duh! Lets go!

Sunil: Tricky trinomial. What can I think of next?

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