(Littlest Pet Shop)

Blythe: Alright pets lets go over this for our show.

Zoe: (sighs) I love that we're doing a concert.

Vinnie; wait!!! We need to get medicine for Sunil.

Russell: wait Sunil's sick?

Vinnie: Yep.

Zoe: Okay I'll get it.

Vinnie: me too.

Blythe: I'll take you.

Pepper; Hurry back!

Penny: We can't miss our concert.

Minka: yeah.

Vinnie: we'll be back. wait what time is our show?

Russell: It;s in 4 hours.

Vinnie: got it.


Blythe: Alright lets go.

Zoe: (sees a mirror) I can sing in this.

Vinnie: oh no.

Zoe: (sings I'm so fabulous song)

Blythe: Zoe come back!!! Come on Vinnie.

Zoe: I'm so fabulous.

Vinnie; Zoe, save it for the show.

Blythe: Come on Zoe.

Vinnie; We need a plan Blythe, we have 3 hours and 58 minutes until our show starts.

Blythe: well all we have to do is get to the Pawza hotel.

Vinnie: yeah but how are we gonna get Zoe?

Blythe: Where's Russell?

Vinnie: He's in the pet shop.

Blythe: Shoot. Come on.

(Littlest Pet Shop)

Russell: Come on Blythe, Vinnie, and Zoe. Where are you?

Minka: relax, they're just getting medicine for Sunil.

Pepper: Yeah Russell. how much time do we have?

Russell: Well not a lot. We have like 3 hours.

Penny: oh I hope they get back soon.

Blythe: we're back! lets start.

(To Be Continued)