(Littlest Pet Shop)

Zoe: Hey Blythe.

Blythe: Hey Zoe. Oh I need you to tell the other pets something, just don't tell Vinnie.

Zoe: sure Blythe.

Blythe: Thanks. i have school. (leaves)

Zoe; hey everyone i have a secret. wait where's Vinnie?

Russell: not here.

Zoe; Okay so Sunil is sick.

Penny: Oh no!!! (starts crying)

Zoe; penny. Stop.

penny; Why?

Pepper; (singing) Vinnie's coming!

Russell: Really?

Pepper; What?

Vinnie; What's up?

Minka: oh nothing. now lets play a game.

Vinnie: okay. what's it called?

Minka; it's called "Can you guess where Sunil is?"

Russell: Minka!

Vinnie: hey Minka's right where is Sunil?

Zoe; Uh......(whispers) what do i say?

Russell: I don't know.

Pepper: Well to the TV! Come on Minka and Penny.

Zoe: Vinnie, Sunil's.....

Russell: wait!!!!!!!!! i know where he is!

Vinnie; Where?

Zoe; Okay he's sick.

Vinnie: (doesn't move)

Russell: Uh Vinnie? are you okay?

Zoe; hello? Oh no.

Vinnie: (screams)

Russell: I new I shouldn't have told him.

Zoe: But I told him.