Sunil: (wakes up)

Klara: Sunil? can you please come here.

Sunil: sure what's up mom?

Harry: Sunil, we have something to tell you.

Sunil: Sure what is it?

Klara: Great news, your cousin is coming over today.

Sunil: What!? (screams)

Klara: Look how excited he is.

Sunil: Mom, it's not exciting news! She hates me!

Harry: Sunil, she doesn't hate you.

Sunil: Yes she does.

Klara: Sunil, come on.

Sunil: (groans) I'll be at the pet shop.

(At the pet shop)

Vinnie: That's so cool!

Sunil: It is not cool! She hates me!

Russell: Oh that's not true.

Sunil: She thinks I killed my own sister.

Zoe; What? That's so stupid.

Sunil: I know.

Penny: okay how old is she?

Sunil: 3 years old.

Vinnie: Dude, she's only 3. She doesn't mean it.

Sunil: Wait until you meet her.

Pepper: yeah right Sunil.

Penny: You're crazy.

Sunil; I am not crazy! I mean it! She hates me.

Penny; What's her name?

Sunil: Uh.........I can't remember her name.

Minka: ooh that's not good.

Sunil: I know.

Harry: Sunil?

Klara: Your cousin's coming in 5 minutes.

Sunil: Okay I better go. Bye guys.

(6 pets: Bye Sunil.)

(Sunil's house)

Sunil: oh what do I do? Mom, Dad?

Harry: yes Sunil?

Klara: What's up?

Sunil: Look she hates me. She thinks I killed her Trina.

Klara: She doesn't think that Sunil.

Sunil: Dad, you have to believe me.

Harry: Not really. Sorry son.

Sunil: (sighs)

(knock at the door)

Klara: She's here. (opens the door) Hi Victoria.

Victoria: Klara! (hugs Klara)

Klara: please come in.

Sunil: Aunt Victoria.

Victoria: Sunil. How's my favorite nephew?

Sunil: perfect. When was the last time I saw you?

Victoria: You were 8 years old.

Sunil: Oh. Right.

Victoria: Feeling better?

Sunil: yep.

Victoria: Well my daughter is outside.

Sunil: Um Aunt Victoria?

Victoria: yes?

Sunil: (gulps) I have something to say.

Victoria: yes Sunil?

Sunil: Look my cousin hates me.

Victoria: What do you mean?

Sunil: She think I killed Trina.

Victoria: Oh yeah she does keep telling me that. well, I think everything will be okay. Carly, can you come in here please?

Carly: yes mommy?

Victoria: You will stay will Aunt Klara, Uncle Harry, and your cousin Sunil.

Sunil: (gasp)

Carly: (gasp) You!

Sunil; (gulps) Please don't hurt me!!

Carly: Hey Sunil!

Sunil: Uh...why aren't you hurting me?

Carly: What? I won't hurt you.

Klara: Sunil, she won't hurt you.

Harry: yeah Sunil. Uh Sunil, how about you take your cousin to your room.

Sunil: sure dad.

(In Sunil's room)

Carly: Alright Sunil, what did you do to Trina!?

Sunil: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Carly: Right. (jumps on Sunil) Tell me what happened!!!!!! Or you'll never see your parents ever again!!! (evil laugh)

Sunil: (gasp)

Klara; Sunil, I hope everything's okay in there.

Sunil: help!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry: (opens the door) what is going on here?

Sunil: She....she was going to kill you guys!

Carly: No I wasn't.

Sunil: please, you have to believe me!

Klara: Now you guys play nicely together.

Sunil: But guys, she really wanted to kill me.

Carly: No I didn't. I was just playing with this toy.

Sunil: Go on tell them the truth.

Carly: I mean it. I'm only 3.

Klara: okay. (leaves)

Harry: Just yell if you need anything.

Sunil: You got it.

(Harry and Klara leave)

Sunil: (sighs) Okay we should stop playing and get ready for bed.

Carly: Your right. (falls asleep)

Sunil: (closes his eyes)

Carly: (evil laugh) Alright Sunil. Tell me the truth.

Sunil: (open his eyes and gasp)

Carly; I mean it. Where is your sister?

Sunil: she's dead. I told you that.

Carly: Where is she!!!???

Sunil; (screams) Help!!!!! (calls Vinnie)

(Vinnie's house)

Vinnie: (hears the phone) hey Sunil, it's 11pm, what's up?

Sunil: get over here!!

Vinnie; Whoa are you okay?

Sunil: No. Please help me.

Vinnie; you got it. (hangs up)

(Sunil's house)

Sunil; (hides under his blanket) Help.

Vinnie: I'm here!! (gasp) whoa!! (gets caught in a rope) You were right about her.

Sunil: I know. Mom, Dad!!!!!!

Klara: (turns the light on and gasp) Carly!

Carly: (gasp) oops.

Harry: what's going on here?

Sunil: I'll tell you, she thinks I killed Trina.

Klara: Carly, is this true?

Carly: yes. I'm sorry Aunt Klara and Uncle Harry.

Sunil: I called Vinnie and he got caught in a rope.

Vinnie; help!!!

Harry: (breaks the rope) We should tell Victoria.

Klara; Yeah.

Carly: No, don't tell my mommy.

Harry: We have to.

Klara: Sunil, don't worry about this.

Sunil: Okay.

Harry: I'll take Vinnie home.

Vinnie; bye.

Sunil: see you in the pet shop.

Klara: (on the phone) Hi Victoria, look Carly was trying to kill Sunil and she hung Vinnie by a rope.

Victoria: I'll be right over.

Klara: thank you.

(knock at the door)

Victoria: Carly.

Carly: Mommy?

Victoria: Come on. you're grounded.

Carly: No!!!

Sunil; Yes you are grounded.

Carly: I'll get you Sunil!!!

Klara: (closes the door) I should have listened to you.

Sunil: yep.

Klara: You don't have to worry about her anymore. Victoria's going to get a sitter for Carly.

Sunil: (sighs) Thank goodness.

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