This Page is about a LPS YouTube video on eating disorders this is how it Should have gone.

Cathy: (Eats some more weight loss pills) I'm still fat (then collapse unconsciously).

Cathy's Mom: Cathy are you okay?

Then they went (even Lora) to the hospital and Cathy woken up.

Cathy's Dad: Honey what happened you know you can tell us what happen.

Cathy: Will you two believe me when I say this and not laugh.

Lora: Whatever just tells us.

Cathy: Okay Lora said i was fat and made me take her weight loss pills she took my friends away from me for saying that and I overheard them saying I should kill myself and so for two weeks I chose not to eat and that's how I passed out.

Then her parents looked angry at their oldest daughter.

Cathy's Dad: Lora you have some explaining to do!

Lora: But dad I'm much prettier than her and why is everyone looking at me I didn't do anything wrong!

Cathy's Mom: Lora! What you made Cathy did was very unacceptable how would you like it if someone emotionally hurts you and made you do something to yourself.

Lora: It's not like I cared mom and dad.

Cathy's Dad: (Scolding) YOUNG LADY THAT WAS UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR!!!! (Stops scolding) your are so grounded for a year that means you don't get to hangout with your friends and we won't give you allowances and the sleepover you were planin forget it!

When they got home Lora's friends got scold too and also got grounded for a year and they even got detention for a whole year and Cathy got new friends who would never betray her and Lora decides to be a better sister and not insult her anymore and Cathy comes homeschooled.