Hannah Clark is a gray Skunk who is Pepper's sister. Unlike Pepper, Hannah likes to sing, making her Zoe's second best friend.

Bio Edit

Hannah is just about like Pepper, except her hair is surpisenly Black and her skin is Gray with Black stripes all the way down her back And has Brown eyes. She likes Pepper's comedy, but likes Zoe's singing talent and starts hanging out with her, but, Hannah loves her sister Pepper more than anything!

Voice Actor Edit

She is voiced by Treelocamerahannah44215 (Speaking) and SpyroandLPSFan (Singing)

Trivia Edit

1. Althought Hannah likes to sing, she and Sugar Sprinkles never met.

2. Vinnie has a slight crush on her

3. She likes the Mathathon TV show

4. Vinnie might have a slight crush on her, but in "The Penguins of Pet Shop", she has a crush on Skipper

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