Code to song:

Penny Ling = Ariana Grande

Zoe Trent = Zedd

Pepper Clark = Herself


Pepper: Your nothing Penny, NOTHING! (Giggle)

Penny: (Sniff) I'm done with Pepper! (Sniff) why is she so mean? (Weep)

Zoe: Penny, my dear, don't fear, I know a song that will make her see!

Penny: (Sniffs again and whips her Tears) Your right Zoe, LET'S DO THIS!

[The seine changes to Zoe and Penny who are wearing there Dresses from "Friendenimies"]


If you want it, take it, I should have said it before


Try to hide it, fake it, I can't pretend anymore


If you only wanted to die out loud,


Never by the hands of that broken Heart!


I know you don't want to lie tonight,


Know that I become who I really are!


This is, the part when I say I don't wanna, I'm stronger than I did before!

This is, the part when I Break Free,

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