Betty in the cartoon.

Betty Bluebelle is a Menelaus Blue Morpho. Her first appearance was in Season 2’s Plane it on Rio! Episode. She has a light voice. In The Diary Of A Rich Girl Series, her attire is a cyan Dress and a Sky Blue crown clip in her hair. She appears to be a former paleontologist. Her favorite character fron Jurrasic World is Blue. She looks as if she likes fashion as much as the Trent Sisters. Unlike Glitzy and most of her friends, she has a cyan and blue duffel bag instead of a backpack. But one similarity is that she has a trolley bag like the other girls. Like Glitzy and the others, She has an iPhone X and she has a glittery water phone case, but the glitter is blue.


Betty’s hair is blue and cyan. She has Cyan Wings And Baby blue eyes. Her Head is light gray, whilst her body is yet a darker shade.


(To Russel) “You Know Algebra.DO YOU?!?!”

(To Sunil) “Stop Messing with me. Or else..... HAIIIIIIYA! (Chops 10 boards in half)-Betty To Sunil When he messes with her


               ~Betty to Sunil because he is scared of her Karate chops


                      ~Betty Showing the pets her Karate skills

“So we could just get a glittery pink fabric, do the stuff in the blueprint........Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.”

 ~Betty Persuading The Trent Sisters to do the things in the given blueprint


Niki Trent

Sakura Springtime

Bella Bublegumm

All the pets...... actually.